About me

About me

Yogi, devoted community supporter, farmer's market junkie & deep down, still a salty line cook at heart. 

After living in San Francisco for 22 years I learned some good lessons: the value of being in a culturally diverse place, the benefits of eating local and the mantra that says, "if you do work you love you will always have a rich life". Now that I live in Honolulu, those lessons still apply, except now I am enjoying them in between sipping on exotic fruit smoothies  and taking dips in the ocean. 

You were brought to this site for a reason. Let's find out why.

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Chef training at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and the school of hard knocks, 12 years restaurant + 5 years private chef experience, studied holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I earned my  Health Coaching certification, former President and founder of S&S brand sauce and spice company and author of the blog, The Healthy Locavore.  I specialize in cooking nutritious food for small groups, inspiring people to live healthier lives, writing heartfelt words, connecting people to their food sources and maintaining a general level of  badassery.